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The New Way to Problem Solve. 

Freelance Service Design Assistance

Service Design

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Every Business Needs a Service Designer.

Service designers establish balance and clarity within a business or organization. Through service design research, innovation, strategic implementation, and testing; service designers provide practical solutions to help solve and prevent common business challenges. 

  • Service designers prioritize user-experience, human psychology, and social equality to build a progressive community.

  • Service designers maximize resources such as money, time, and labor to meet your business goals. 

  • Service designers introduce innovative methods to prepare your business for the digital revolution.

What is service design?

"Service design is the activity of choreographing people, infrastructure, communication, and material components of a service in order to create value for the multiple stakeholders involved."

-Birgit Mager


What can I do for you?

I believe the world needs a business revolution, and service design is the solution. We have normalized dysfunctional work environments and businesses. Now more than ever workers are stressed, employers feel hopeless, and customers are frustrated. My job is to work with you to examine your businesses strengths and weaknesses holistically, ideate testable solutions, and  help create a healthy and productive operative system for all participants. 


Examine Business Strengths

Through comprehensive analysis, we can examine the strengths (and weaknesses) present within your current business ecosystem. By identifying these areas, we can make a determination for how to better position your brand and market identity; giving you a feasible path that will allow you to better connect with your audience, build meaningful relationships within your company, develop your brand and business identity within the near fututre. 

Ideating testable solutions

In order to achieve a desired outcome, and build your customer base, you need a system in place that is both effective and replicable. Success in any market is not down to "luck" or "chance," but rather can be devised through a few simple actions that, when repeated to your target audience, builds trust, brand awareness, and familiarity that will keep your customers coming back for more. Proving to retain a loyal customer base, will only result in attracting more customers and employees who believe in your mission and want to help you succeed. 

Create a productive operative system

Don't stop at fixing your glaring issues or creating a few repeatable trends within your business. Ensure that business exudes a culture and practices that yield the best results to save you and any of your employees time and hassle. Fix underlying issues that may be causing you grief and costing you money further down the line. By examining the processes that move your business forward we can devise more equitable systems to keep you, your employee and your customers happy, longer. 

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